Strengthen Thy Brethren

Strengthen Thy Brethren 



Strengthen Thy Brethren
First Annual Buda-Kyle Lectures

December 1-3, 2023


Setting Things In Order

A Study of Paul’s Letter to Titus



Elders: A Vital Part Of God’s Order (5-8) – Jim Word (7 p.m.). Titus 1:5 emphasizes the importance of shepherds over the flock of God. A flock of sheep without shepherds will aimlessly wander, starve, and be vulnerable to predatorial creatures. God has always provided leadership for His people. Christians should take seriously the vital role elders play in the Lord’s church.


Elders: Their Protective Role (8-16) – Mike Bonner (8 p.m.). Shepherds feed and guide the flock of God. But they should also (and especially) be diligent in protecting the flock. What are some of the threats presented to the flock of God? In what ways do predators approach the flock? What is the predator’s primary purpose? How serious is the threat to a flock that is unprotected by God’s appointed shepherds?



Sound Doctrine Begets A Sound Faith (2:1, 11-12) – Mike Bonner (9 a.m.). Error replicates itself in immorality, not fidelity to God. In his letters to the churches, Paul addressed a variety of errors that were leading Christians away from the truth. An examination of these errors as well as Paul’s words of exhortation, strengthens the church today just as it did nearly two-thousand years ago. A church is not sound in the faith by accident but because the brethren are fed sound doctrine.


Conduct of Christian Men (2:2, 6-8) – Jim Word (10 a.m.). Paul admonished the aged men to be sober, grave, temperate, and sound in the faith. The young men were especially admonished to be sober-minded. What does this look like in Christian men?


Conduct of Christian Women (2:3-5) – John Hall (11 a.m.). Paul’s admonition to the older women of the church included teaching the younger women. It is impossible to teach what is not practiced. All that Paul instructs of these godly women is grounded in the Word of God. How greatly does this differ from our culture today!


Conduct Respecting Authority – Trent Kennedy (1:30 p.m.). In the book of Titus, Paul emphasizes the Christian’s responsibilities to submit to authority in two specific areas, in the Secular Workforce and to the Civil Government. What is our responsibility in these areas as a Christian?



The Christian’s Past, Present, and Future: Made Fit To Serve (Titus 3:3-7) – Mel Hutzler (9:30 a.m.). In Christ, God has made us fit to serve Him. Our fidelity to God and the cause of His Son causes us to rejoice in our future abode.


Keeping Fit To Serve (Titus 3:8-11, 14) – John Hall (10:30 a.m.). In his letter to Titus, Paul placed great emphasis on soundness, good works, and acceptable conduct. Drawing his letter to a close, he noted the importance of maintaining these and what should avoid and guard against in order to maintain our spiritual fitness.


The Christian’s Blessed Hope (Titus 2:13, 14) – Trent Kennedy (2 p.m.). Paul referred to the Christian’s hope in each chapter of the book of Titus. He noted that our hope was promised by God, is greatly anticipated by Christians, and that we have been made heirs of an eternal hope. What exactly is our hope? What should be the Christian’s expectation of that hope?